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How Do You Choose?

Tuesday May 12, 2015 - by Jessica Klein

“How do you choose what to buy for the store?” I get this question all the time. Want to know? Here goes, 45% is what I think other people will like, 30% is what my sales reps tell me is popular and 25% is what I like. And what I like changes day to day and by life events.

I am in the process of buying my first home and boy has that influenced my buying! All I can think about is what to put on the walls. And so, you will find many new art prints, pictures and decor pieces at Mod Pod. All of these have been chosen because I would put it in my house (and I just might!) We have something for every room, every mood and every style.

I hope you enjoy our new pieces and find one that fits for this moment in time. ~ Jessica

Love the journey

Bicycle Art $22.50
Happy Tag

Wooden Tag $27.50
Bright Art

Bright Art Squares $9.00

Bunny Days at Mod Pod

What is the best way to kick off spring and Easter? Cuddling with a bunny of course! Mod Pod and Heartland Humane Society are partnering up for some fun! A staff member from Heartland will be at Mod Pod to answer questions on rabbit adoption and what it takes to be a good rabbit owner. April, 4th 2-4:30pm at Mod Pod

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New Ponchos and Shrugs!

We just received a bunch of new styles in ponchos and shrugs in wonderful spring colors! Why are we so in love with these?

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Why Shop Early?

As a local business owner I am always amazed at how many people come in Christmas Eve for a gift that they saw 4 months ago. The grab it now or it will be gone mentality really does apply to gifts, especially unique ones found in smaller store.

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NO Dull Dorm!

Every year we try to bring in special things just for dorm rooms. We know it is a TINY space and therefore needs to be cool and functional.

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Rhapsody Wine Walk

We took a break from hosting for a few years, but this Saturday we are excited to have Coelho Winery at Mod Pod for Rhapsody in the Vineyard.

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To Market, To Market

Heidi and I just got back from our yearly trip to the Vegas World Market. It is our chance to see upcoming trends, find new vendors and see products in person.

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Go Back To School With Mod Pod

Is your middle schooler excited about the upcoming school year, maybe a littler nervous? That is why Mod Pod has teamed up with Jackie Shaw from Get Organized for a 1 hour class on how to get ready for this new adventure.

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Fab at 5!

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Root Beer Float Party

Grab the girls and join us Thursday, June 26th from 4:30 to 6:30PM. Be one of ten lucky people to draw for a gift bag full of goodies

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