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Card Me Please...

Friday February 28, 2014 - by Jessica Klein

In the age of text, twitters and IM’s its jaw dropping to get a card in the mail. But isn’t it a delight! We believe it’s important to keep up on that old ways of correspondence and have brought in more cards to encourage that. Here is a little note about some of our card lines.

Happy Birthday

Gina B is a well known card company that started out doing hand painted greeting cards in 1984. They now do stationary and gifts featuring unique colorful art all made in the USA. $1.95-$2.75

French Artist Club

French Artist Club is best know for those awesome square cards with gorgeous images. Started in 2010 by a French woman wanting to bring beautiful, colorful, fun and whimsical products, all designed and made in Europe, to the US. All cards are made and printed in France. Even the envelopes are amazing! These are special cards that will delight any who receive one and definitely frame-able. $5.50

Teneues brings green to boxed notes. All cards are made with environmentally- friendly material and a cardboard recyclable box. Teneues finds interesting artists from around the country to design notecards then provides a description of the artist on the back of the box. The best part is the price. A box of 16 notecards with envelopes starts at $9.95.

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